About me

For most of my life, I’ve wondered if there’s something wrong with me. I just can’t seem to see the world the same way as others, often finding the irony in things that aren’t meant to be ironic or the humour in things that aren’t at all funny to anyone else.

Until I met my current partner, I experienced my way of being in the world as negative - something to conceal, work around, distract people’s attention away from. Friends would say things like “you’d be positively dangerous in business, if you could learn to apply yourself’ and “if only you could be a bit more consistent.”

But one day, in a conversation where I moaned about feeling left out a bit, my other-half turned to me and said, “But you just have shorter thoughts than other people. You appear to move on quickly because you think super quickly.”

And so it came to pass. I’m the one who has a short thought, reflects on it, positively acts on it and then moves on.

The natural progression was to let others in on my thinking and in doing so, I realised I wasn’t all that different after all. There are many of us out there who have a different perspective. On these pages, you can find mine.

Welcome to my short thoughts.

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The inner sanctum of my mind, often random blurts and brand-dumps du jour. Sometimes researched, structured articles appear based on my application of models and theories from psychology, neuroscience and society at large. Sometimes.